Book One – Wild For Her Series


Can a girl from a trailer park be worthy of a high-class stud?
Logan Anderson, owner of Anderson Horse Stud has worked hard to build his business into a million-dollar empire. But when he stalks into a stall ready to round up a thief who has stolen a prized filly, he is not prepared for who he finds.
Lucy McInnes is guilty until proven innocent. With unpredictable addicts for parents, Lucy’s future looks nothing but grim. As Logan delves into Lucy’s life it becomes alarmingly clear that she is in danger.
When Logan is faced with saving his girl or his empire, his choice could make this the priciest deal he has ever closed.

Book Two – Wild For Her Series


Can a girl afraid of losing those she loves finally claim her cowboy?
For four years Mason Mansfield has tried hard to keep Penny Anderson off his mind. They spent one explosive night together and now she was back. He was done waiting, she would no longer run from him. The only problem was that Penny’s brother was his best friend.
As Mason works hard to consume Penny’s every moment, it becomes clear that she is hiding something deeper than just her feelings for Mason. When unexplained events cause Penny to face her biggest regret, the strain of their time apart threatens to unravel everything Mason has ever wanted.
But will Penny’s secret be too much for Mason to handle or will he be able to convince her that he’s been the guy for her all along?

Book Three – Wild For Her Series


There’s more on the line now than there ever was…
Nick Fairchild has been dealing with the mayor’s callous acts for months. He is sick of having his livelihood threatened daily by a man with no morals. What he wasn’t prepared for was to lock eyes with the mayor’s daughter… again.
Kayla Summer feels stuck in an endless cycle of horrible men, bad choices and squashed dreams. The last thing Kayla needed was a roll in the hay with a sweet rancher. But she never expected to want things with this man that she knew they could never have.
When Nick finds himself in trouble with the law, Kayla knows she needs to act. Will Kayla find the courage needed to stand up against her father for the man who has wrangled her heart?